Innerqiworks Healing Arts Center -          "Where Transformation Occurs"
Happiness occurs when Inner Balance is Achieved.
Love Kindness and Forgiveness can be Experienced
Pains are Released, Health, Vitality, and Peace of Mind become your Reality. Stress becomes a thing of the past.
It's a way of life at Innerqiworks for both our clients and ourselves.
Come and become part of our peace by discovering your own inner peace.
You are Worth It!
Innerqiworks provides: Sessions, Classes, and Guided Group Gatherings in the following...
Usui System of Natural Healing.
Reiki is a hands-on healing modality from Japan. Its goal is to achieve Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit. Reiki brings Deep Relaxation and a Sense of Well-Being, and has been known to Heal all types of illnesses by allowing the body to Heal itself. We offer Sessions, Group Reiki Share, and Certification Classes for levels 1,2 and Master.
Check out this cool video of how Reiki effects the human aura:
Here is a link to an article about how Mesothelioma patients are benefiting from Reiki treatments.
There is also an article on my testimonials page by Jack Bleeker. Scroll way down...
For more information about Reiki, please visit:
Spring Forest Qigong: (SFQ)
SFQ is a peaceful energizing practice not to be missed. Thru gentle movement, guided meditation and healing techniques  great benefits may be achieved. Qigong is a study of the universe and comes to us from China where it's been practiced daily for thousands of years. To watch a video of Master Michael practicing a Spring Forest Qigong active exercise, "The Harmony of the Universe" click here: 
or here is another video showing a SFQ energy balancing:
Sessions and training are available.
For more information about SFQ, please visit:
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 
A powerful way to release unwanted emotions that prevent healing. Excellent for traumas and addictions.
Sessions and training are available.
For more information about E.F.T., please visit:
Matrix Energetics
This is nothing short of amazing! Matrix wraps universal life force, knowledge, and grace into a condensed presentation to the client producing truly miraculous results! Try
Sessions and "take a ride in the Matrix". I
offercoaching for those new to Matrix Energetics.
For more information about Matrix Energetics:
Please visit my meetup calendar to sign up for classes and Guided Group shareing. I also offer classes on request and can customize a schedule that works for us both.
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