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Hello and welcome to my website Innerqiworks:
Inner Chee Works;)
My name is Michael J. Santos
Due to the constant pain of a low back injury I found Reiki 
in 1997 and was initiated as a First degree practitioner by Rev Fran Brown (Takata's 7th Master) as I found it to be relieving to my constant back pain. I continued to practice Reiki with Fran and in 2006 I was initiated by Fran as her 19th Reiki Master.
You may have noticed that I practice other modalities as well. I feel like Reiki helped to draw me to those and that they all work together offering joy and harmony to my experience.
All of these systems have changed my life in ways far beyond my expectations and I know they can do the same for you.
It is an honor to share these gifts with you.
Always with love,
Michael J. Santos
Innerqiworks Healing Arts Center LLC
5th Generation Reiki Master:
Usui System of Natural Healing
Practicing since 1997
Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ):
Master Healer Level I 
Former Certified Level 1 Instructor
Practicing since 2007

Adv. E.F.T. Practitioner 
Practicing since 2008
Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
Certified Matrix Energetics Study Group Leader Matrix Energetics Facilitator
Practicing since 2008
Reverend Doctor of Metaphysics thru the
Universal Life Church
Practicing since 2009

Recent Study with Mas Sajady 2015
please review my testimonials page.

***Session Pricing:***

Individual modality sessions are
$100.00 per hour or session up to one hour.

Qigong (Spring Forest)
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Matrix Energetics
Ho O Pono Pono
It's very typical that people need multiple modalities (Rainbow Heart Qigong) (RHQ) to move forward. After you fill out an intake form and I review it, I use muscle testing to determine what you need for your session. Take advantage of my more than 40 years of metaphysical training and experience!!!

These (RHQ) sessions are $200.00 per session and a recording as well as support materials are provided. One can listen to the recording over and over and continue to gain benefit.
I prefer to work at a distance (remote session)
however do take in person appointments.

House calls are also available with an additional travel fee, let's talk.....
Your satisfaction is my highest priority!
Please call or email me to schedule a session.
Thank You So Much!
Always with love,
Santos Sensei
408 448 0262 H 
408 886 4399 C
A Center For Well Being
2538 Cordoba Way San Jose CA 95125
At your service... 
PLEASE enter your EMAIL , Name and PHONE number so that I will be able to respond to your query.
Thank you so much!
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