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After studying Reiki, Spring Forest Qigong, Matrix Energetics, EFT, Shamanism, Ho O Pono Pono, Quantum Entrainment, Cosmo Power, Reconnection, and a host of other systems, I am pleased to announce my own offering to the world called Rainbow Heart Qigong which borrows the best from each of the systems mentioned above.

Based on Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Courtesy. The power of the Rainbow Heart is used for healing ourselves and our environment.

Doing the practice and adopting the thinking of RHQ can lead to a life of Miraculous, health, wealth, happiness, and peak performance.

Though there is a huge background of information behind this system, I have simplified the practice and presentation so nearly any person regardless of condition may benefit.

I am available for group and large group Qigong practice.Treat your employees to a one hour Qigong experience they will love. It's energizing and relaxing all in one. Contact me for pricing.

You can get more specifics for each event by viewing my meetup calendar and RSVP Here:

Thank You So Much!!!

Always with love,

Master Santos