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Dear, Michael (aka dad) I thank you for the time you spent with me healing my lower lip witch got bit by a dog on chistmas eve last year.We were waching or frends dog for the holidays. whin I was reaching down to pet it I steped on its foot and it reacted by biting it. So thank you for the energy and heling you did for me.


Janelle santos (aka datoure ) age 11

To whom it may concern:

I've known Michael for almost ten years now. We are in a Reiki group where we practice on each other and give outsiders Reiki. From the very beginning I felt Michael had a wonderful and special touch. Over the years I had knee problems and ankle problems and I was always so glad when Michael was present at our group because when he put his hands on either of those places, the pain would dissipate almost immediately. I don't have any problems now at all in my knee or my ankle and I definitely have to thank of Michael for their healing. In fact, I was worried for awhile that I was becoming addicted or dependent on him for taking care of my various problems. Recently I did something in yoga that hurt my hip, and at a Reiki session he wasn't able to get to that place when I was on the table. I was definitely disappointed. But later he told me don't worry I was working on it remotely with Qigong. No wonder it felt better by the time I got off the table.

Oh and I also like it when Michael comes to our Reiki group when I don't have any problems.

Eloise J 

Before I worked with Michael Santos I had suffered with Genital Herpes for 18 years. And there was no question that the very painful blisters were indeed Genital Herpes. After 25 sessions with Michael, taken in early 2007, I have had zero outbreaks! My last test for the virus was so conclusively negative, the lab technician was heard to say" . . . it's doubtful she ever had the disease." Michael is a walking miracle!



Hi MIchael,

Here's a testimonial for the work you did with La Lola:

"Soon after getting a Foxhound rescue pooch, I discovered that she had congenital luxating patellas in both rear legs. Lola's kneecaps popped out of joint when she would run or spin, two of her favorite activities. Two vet opinions recommended surgery, and an alternative specialist also said the issue could only be resolved with surgery, specifically the breaking and re-setting of the legs. When Michael heard about Lola's issues, he offered to do SFQ on her. I am a great believer in alternative healing, but even so I thought it would be unlikely there would be much improvement. I was wrong! After very few treatments, which Lola actually seemed to enjoy (she was pretty high-strung, and SFQ relaxed her), her limping went away and really did not recur. Lessening the exercise she was getting helped, but there was a clear and dramatic improvement after Michael worked on Lola. I will always be grateful, and amazed!"

--I hope this is helpful to you, Michael. I really am grateful for the healing you promoted in Lola. You gave her a much more comfortable last year and a half.

Love and blessings,


Dear Michael,
I am writing this letter for my daughter Anahita Meshkin who has been in a coma since October 20, 2007.
Anahita is 22 years old and she was anorexic. Following a seizure she went into a coma and doctors gave up hope on her but we remained hopeful. We decided to pursue alternative solutions including energy therapy to help her.
We cannot thank you enough for the energy that you are transferring to her when ever you come to visit her at the care center she is living in. Most of the times we notice that her movements increase and we see a beautiful smile on her peaceful face after the SFQ sessions. This is amazing to see her progress in the past months. The amount of energy thatshe is receiveing certainly play a big role in her recovery.
I am sure when she wakes up you will be definitely one of the persons she will thank. Your healing power will sure assist her to wake up quicker.
addition to the healing power it is your great attitude and humble that impresses us the most. It takes a lot of dedications and faith to come from San Jose to Walnut Creek so often to help our daughter. You are a true human being.
God bless you.
Homayoun Meshkin

I have known Michael for almost 2 two years now and I have learned much and have received the benefit every modality of treatment he practices. Michael doesn't do anything half way. He seeks out the finest training and concentrates his full attention to it's study. He is very sensitive to energy and to his client's comfort and is very intuitive. I place much trust in his knowledge and skill and have had aches and pains dissolve almost instantly with his treatments. As a fellow healer, I recommend Michael very highly and have referred people to him when I cannot help them myself.



Michael used a variety of treatments on me one day in August of '07. I don't remember having any real maladies present in my body, but I did feel a tremendous amount of energy in my body ensuing the treatment which lasted for at least 6 hours. It was a feeling of euphoria/an energy high that I have not previously experienced!

Nancy H.B.

Duluth, MN

Michael, sent distant treatments to most of my family as my father was passing and we all needed support. This provided a nurturing comfort in our time of need. Another time when I was sick in bed and my young son was lying down next to me, as the energy came, my Son felt it too as he had his arm draped across my torso. Michael did not know he was there next to me and was surprised to here my son’s comment of what’s that sticking dad?;)

With much gratitude,

Jose D. and family.


How nice to here from you again. I continue using SFQ whenever I get nervous or anxious; the truth, each time, I feel better and better thank you, kindly. I will also feel my wife about your proposal, it's a very nice gesture of you.

Jose J

Good morning,

Thank you so much for the treatment last night. I went home, read a chapter in my book and went to sleep. I slept so good, which is unusual for me. I usually wake up several times a night. It really sucks. Last night I woke up at 2:45 and went right back to sleep. WOO HOO!! I also wanted to thank you for our conversation. I always walk away with new insight when I talk to you.

My back and neck are better. I have a slight headache today, but it is nothing compared to what is has been. I woke up feeling refreshed. I am very relaxed and feel a lot of good energy flowing today.


Celeste R.

On 3/21/07 I became a stroke survivor. I was hospitalized too late for the wonder drug to reverse all the effects of the stroke and thus I was left with most of my left side paralyzed. Michael Santos started giving me energy treatments on 3/24/07. He did both distance and in person treatments as I was stuck in Lodi and he lives in San Jose CA which is over a 2hour drive one way. The nurses were amazed by my progress and within one month I had regained most of the use of my arm and was able to move my leg somewhat. In one more month I was released to go home on 5/15/07. In physical therapy prior to my release from the hospital I was able to walk (if you could call it that) about 50 paces. Michael was in MN at that time attending something called Spring Forest Qigong training and conference. When he returned he came to my house and gave me both a treatment and taught me the Qigong movements. I was able to get up out of my wheelchair and walk on my own unassisted for the first time! We all cried. The following Tuesday I went to physical therapy and walked 700 paces! We were all very amazed indeed! Though my progress has been slow I continue to improve and am in deep gratitude of Michael and the healing energy he has shared with me.


Louis Landavazo


I always enjoy our sessions on the hill. They are relaxing and at the same time energizing. I can feel the sincerity and determination in your tone and see it in your demeaner each time we get together. I know you are deeply committed to healing yourself and the rest of the world with the energy and the love you share. This helps me to have a greater faith in the process of energy healing, and keeps me interested in learning more about the possibilites available to us as humans, in having a positive and healing effect not only on our own bodies but on the world and people around us.

Thank you for your love, joy, and serenity as we enjoy these sessions not only with just the two of us, but with the others who have joined us as well. Let's expect this to prosper and grow, and reach a critical mass as you continue to share your infectious healing power with those you come into contact with, and those you reach out to with your energy in the world and in the universe.


I am not sure where I can start with Michael. In the midst of corporate politics, fear tactics, insecurity and frustration, came along a hope of inspiration. I believe that is Michael. Things are still the same; He taught me the way to live with harmony and peace rather than reacting to life situations that draw negativity and discomfort. This not just confined to work, but in all aspects of life. Michael understood, in all perspective and tapped the source of the issue within me. When I mean tapped, I mean the EFT techniques that Michael taught me. And combined with Qigong, it has become a very effective way of self-healing. I can feel the difference and so can others. I seem happier,less stressed with more peace and harmony with my life. There have been instances; Michael healed a severe pain, which I had on top of my head within minutes, which really surprised me.

Michael has far surpassed, than his techniques and stress relieving exercises. I believe he is a true human being, with a mission to make us realize that removing hate and negativity from within and replacing that, with love and postive outlook for life.

Thank you Michael!!


Dear Michael,

I remember our first encounter very vividly. We decided to have lunch in one of the cafeteria's at work. My first impression was that your face was glowing like and angle!. It was delightful to talk about Rieki with you since I'd just graduated from the first level. You introduced me to Qigong that day by working on my arm. My arm was hearting due to Tennis Elbow and was in a brace. You asked if I wanted to receive some Qigong healing energy. To my surprise I could feel the energy in my arm. It was focusing right in the injured area. It was moving right in that area and felt like massaging the injured area trying to open up the tight mussels. It was just fantastic!!! My arm started to feel better right away. The subsequent sessions were helpful as well and put me on the path of speedy recovery!

I also am grateful for your generous and continuous work that you have been doing with my friend, Anahita. Hope one of these days she comes out of the coma and would be able to thank you herself. Wouldn't that be nice? :-) You are one of those friends that will remain on my book forever.

Light and blessings,


Michael has provided me with many healings over the past several years. The one that really stands out is when I had an on the job back injury in 2007. I was flat on my back, unable to walk for ten days. This was the time of my recovery process that I had the most pain. Michael paid me several visits to administer healing and I believe that this greatly increased my recovery time, allowing me to get back on my feet and continue on with my accelerated recovery.


Matt Castor


Sorry it's take me so long, I've been extremely busy :-(.

Although I have not personally used Michael for a treatment, I can say that his healing has brought peace in my grandmothers life. I had Michael give my grandmother several treatments as she suffers with Ovarian Cancer and currently under going chemo-therapy. My grandmother is a quiet person who rarely shares how she feels and the feedback I have received from those who care for her say she's doing well and rarely complains of pain. She gets through her chemo treatments much smoother and gains her energy back the day after her treatment. She smiles more, laughs often and even dances to music (something she stopped doing years ago). Michael's treatments have offered peace and healing both in my grandmother and her family and appreciate the time he took to help her.

Many thanks and god bless!

Melissa Ramirez

I have experienced Michael Santos's healing sessions on several occasions and find that I consistently feel better afterward. Michael has a strong natural healing talent and he totally puts his heart and soul into it. I really appreciate him and what he has to offer. Joanne L.

Dear Michael,

even though I've had the privilege and luck to exchange some healing together in the past; I like to emphasize on one particular occasion when we we were getting our SFQ Level I teacher certification, I was going a trough some serious nervousness and anxiety attach. I really felt much better the following day.Michael,thank you for offering to give me some of your time, help, and unconditional love.

Jose Javier Jimenez

Cary, NC 


It is a pleasure let others know about your gift and to recommend your ablility to others who are considering other forms of alternative healing such as Reiki and Qi Gong.

I have been an alternative bodyworker for 13 years and have experienced many forms of healing through many different practitioners. The first session that I recieved from Michael was very powerful, yet very gentle and with the greatest integrity, love and compassion. I felt his work passing through every cell at the deepest level. The process of healing continued on to the next couple of days. As I worked with my clients the next day I was amazed how my work had transformed. I could feel the love and compassion flow through my hands with the greatest respect. It felt like I was still receiving a session from MIchael and then passing it on to my client.

I also have had the honor of attending one of Michael classes. He has an ability to be present for all who attend, answering all questions at the individual level of each student and assisting them with their needs as they start to discover the beauty of Reiki and Qi Gong.

With much respect

Debbie Sera

Owner DownTime Healing Arts Center

Hi Michael!

I really loved the Reiki 1 class. I'm already sleeping better than I used to. I used to wake up 4-5 times a night (even if it was just long enough to look at the time and go back to sleep), but now it's only 1-2 times. Yay!

Thank you again for the honor of allowing me to be your student. I'm quite sure you will see me again. =)


Note: Brian only observed this class in prep for L2.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for letting me attend Reiki Level 1 the wekend. I really enjoyed meeting you. I wanted to share something that happened tonight night while giving Ben reiki. Everytime I give Ben Reiki, I ask God and the universal love of Reiki to give me giadance and help show me how to help Ben out. I have felt many thing while giving people Reiki, but last night I felt something different. My intuition tells me that Ben needs help around his head, but I am not sure the exact spot. I have tried the traditional Reiki hand positions, but Ben does not like my hands on some of them. I know even if I hold him Reiki will go where it needs to, but I still feel there is a point I need to work on that will help him connect to the social world. When I had my hand on position 3 on the head, about 3 to 4 inches higher than the usual position, my hands got real hot (I have felt heat before), but there was a huge emotional experience I have never felt before. The energy lasted for about 30 minutes and I was very emotional (very happy with tears) for about and hour. I felt a closness to Ben and I know he felt it too. I think I got a message tonight or I made a connection, it felt wonderfull. What are for thoughs? Have you ever had a similar experience before? I really think Level 2 Reiki will help Ben, I am really looking forward to this comming weekend. Have a wonderful week.

Thank You

Brian Gehrke

God morning Michael

Thank YOU for the class and for spending so much time on my situation. I hope Aliya enjoyed the process too. The ride home was uneventful and went pretty fast in my mind. But the difference today, so far, is how I feel compared to the other time I had the mental symbol is the most interesting change. I think I told you I felt like not myself, like drugged, like a zombie for 2 days and it wasn't from lack of sleep. This time I feel up and think of everything as fun. That's really what I needed to change: an attitude of obligation and duty, like a job, to having fun. I've always loved that song, Girls Just Like To Have Fun. But it was for a past time in my life. No more. YAAAAAAAAYYYYY as you would say.

With love to you,



I have been giving Ben distance healing with awesome results. I try to give Ben Distance Healing twice a week in the morning and hands-on daily if possible. When I give him distance healing, I see a dramatic improvement in the way he connects to us. This last Saturday I gave him a distance healing and when he woke up, he was in such a mellow, happy mood giving excellent eye contact and babbling like crazy. That morning when he looked into my eyes, I can feel my son saying thank you. I love it!!! Thank you for everything you do and giving me ability to help my son. My son is proof the Reiki can help Autistic children.

Love Always,

Brian Gehrke


I can not find the proper words to thank you for my healing and introducing me to the healthfulness of your treatment. It was a wonderful experience that left me speechless. I didn't want to say or do anything to "jinx" it. So I kept quiet for a while, to take everything in so I could get a better feel for all that was going on with my body.

I felt as if I was 100 pounds lighter and my spirit soared high, it was fantastic! Amazing.

I was free of pain so of coarse the first thing I did was over do. 3 days in a row I was out and about for long hours and long distances too. I have a hard time learning moderation. I'm working on it. In my travels I picked up the flu. Then was down for a week. Now I'm much better.

I think I got sick because I had not filled my subconscious, or my mind with enough healthful thoughts. Being sick for so many years and then to be well was amazing. I think I need some fine tuning as well as ideas to keep in mind. I was at a loss as to how to deal with everything at once. I still tap every day.

I finally shared with Cal but he is so negative I really didn't want to, but he is trying to be more open. He is trying to be supportive. Very hard for him if he can't see it or touch it he can't believe it.

I would love to come to one of your Mon. night sessions. Cal of coarse wants to be included.

I am doing so much better even my friends are amazed. I went to a Quilt Festival the day after the treatment and we walked all day long until it closed. My friend was amazed at how well I had done. I did it all with NO pain pills too! A first for years and years.

Thank you Michael,

Sue Olson

Hi Mike,

I wanted to share a story with you. My sister just called me. She was very excited because she had just come from taking her car to be serviced.

I shared with her earlier that we decided not to spend the night in San Jose and when we started off to go home last night, it was dark. Then, I took a wrong turn and ended up having to go for several miles through unfamiliar country roads where there were no lights. The oil light in the car kept turning on and off but I dismissed it as nothing because I thought that when the battery shut down, it affected the sensors and anyway she had just had the oil changed the day before. The mechanic said that when they changed the oil, they didn't replace the filter and the oil was leaking. He said that there was no way that we could have driven all the way to San Jose from Fresno and back without the motor freezing up on us.

When I think of what could have happened, I become very grateful. We could have been stranded out on some back road, hours away from someone coming to help us. Someone was looking out for us. :)

Not to mention that before all this when I called you prior to our session that I was having car trouble and you did that Matrix treatment for the car, I thought it was amazing that the woman I asked for a jump from after she could not find jumper cables in her car, took it upon herself to go query the other drivers in the parking lot trying to find someone with cables to help me and then after I left your home and took that wrong turn, there was a car both in front and in back of me the whole way!


Hi Michael,

Quick note:

Many years ago it was discovered I had thyroid cancer. Thyroid was removed and for 10 years all was fine. Then a year ago, a blood tracer ticked up indicating I had thyroid material present again, implying cancer had returned. An ultra sound was done and a small nodule was found and was suspect.

However it was too small for biopsy. 6 Months later it had doubled in width, yet still too small and as it was so slow growing, it was suggested to wait another 6 months, it might be large enough for needle biopsy.

The night before the planned ultrasound and biopsy, I went to Michael Santos' house on the evening of November 11, 2009 for Qi Gong and Master Lin's phone meditation on healing.

The next day, the surgeon and her assistant, upon examination kept reviewing the previous notes. With comments like, "'Well, perhaps they meant the left side?". "No, it clearly says it's on the right". After many attempts to find it, final determination, they couldn't find it, couldn't find anything.

Thank You Michael, and Master Lin.

Frank Pontius

"I found Michael while I was researching Reiki. While I had never experienced Reiki before, I felt drawn to Michael. I went to a few of his Reiki Shares and felt such incredible energy that I knew I had to learn Reiki for myself and that Michael was supposed to be my teacher.

There are no words powerful enough to express the energy of his class. The environment in which he teaches is one of unconditional support, love and healing. Michael channels his healing gift from a divine plane directly through his heart. The result is clear, loving, healing energy which he passes on to his students.

I have many tangible examples from his class of what can only be described as miraculous energy, but in the interest of brevity I will share this one. During the final attunement, as Michael placed his hand on the crown of my head, it felt as though lightening was coursing through my body. Even after he removed his palm from my head, energy still flowed through me. When the attunement was finished several minutes later, I placed my own hand on my head and was shocked at how hot it was. It felt as though I had been standing in direct sunlight on a warm summer's day even though we were in a cool room. I was stupefied. If there had been any shred of doubt left in my mind as to the presence of Reiki before, it all dissolved in that moment.

In Michael I have found a friend and a teacher. I feel so grateful that he has chosen to teach and welcome people into the loving, healing energy that is Reiki."

Many thanks.



Here is a note from Denise a 1st time Reiki client:

Hi Michael,

At first I wasn't sure how Reiki was going to work but I have to admit

that it has relaxed me, :) I do feel much more relaxed today than I

usually do. Also, last night, instead of having 1000 thoughts going

through my head I was able to not think about anything, it was nice

because my mind is usually always busy thinking, thinking, thinking.

Thanks again!



Here is a note from Anthony a recent graduate of my Level I Reiki class:

Hi Michael,

So far I have done full reiki treatments to 5 people. My first client had nausea, extreme dizziness, and her hip was messed up. The reiki fixed all that. She was very pleased. Next client had knee surgery beginning of January. He is in a knee brace and his knee was still very swollen. He couldn't walk that long. After his treatment he was able to walk freely without his knee brace and in no pain. The swelling went down alot and he able to straighten his leg out. That was very successful. My next client has asthma and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). His IBS went away during treatment and he said he felt like a new man after treatment. I also did his girlfriend who has been sick with sinus problems for 3 months now. After treatment she still had her sinus problem but she felt so relaxed that she couldn't move. She said a few of the hand positions were so hot that she was yelling "ahhh it's so hot". Last client was my girlfriend mom. She is always stress and her lower back has been hurting really bad for the past 2 weeks. I worked on her and the spots that took the most energy were the TMJ, stomach, feet, right knee, and lower back. While working on her lower back, I put her to sleep. I guess I did a good job :). I’m going to call all my clients tomorrow to follow up and see how they feel. I did 4 clients on yesterday!

Thank u.

-Anthony D.  

Here is a 3rd testimonial from Brian G. he has had such a wonderful result I just have to share this:

Hi Michael,

I took your level 2 Reiki class last year and I have been using it every day on my Autistic son with awesome results. I send him distance healing every night when he goes to bed and in the mornings on the weekends. Distance healing is awesome! When I am initiating the distance healing, after the symbols, when I say the special words, my attuned hand pulses with energy as I speak each word. It is so amazing. I have also noticed when I do position 1 my hands will be about 1 foot away from my lap, the heat sometimes gets real intense I feel like I should pull my hands away. It is a real trip. When I send Ben Reiki love, he is so relaxed and connected to our world after. Before, Ben seemed to be in his own world and did not look into your eyes when you spoke to him. He now can say a few words and can say more with a soft voice. My wife and I will look at each other and say," Did he really say what I thought he said". He is 4 years old now and knows his alphabet, colors, numbers, can read and write some letters and loves surfing the Internet and watching videos in youtube. Ben will actually type on the computer to search for information. WOW! I find this amazing. 


After a distant Reiki Session:

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful treatment. I was so surprised this morning when I woke up and looked at the clock - and it was 10:30!!! I haven't slept that long in many months. I feel like a new woman! My nose is still stuffy (though much better), but my spirit no longer feels weighed down with exhaustion. I feel so much lighter and brighter. My students will definitely have much better time in music class this week because of your compassionate giving! :-D

Thank you so much, Michael!!! Have a beautiful Sunday. I know I will! Much love to you, xoxo Emily


One of my L2 Reiki students, Bea:

my latest amazing Reiki giving experience was to a friend, a drummer who plays with my boyfriend. he had dislocated his right shoulder and had a ton of pain after a performance. i did a few minutes of Reiki after that performance and he said he felt so much better, he had almost no pain, and started moving his arm around and around. he had a big smile on his face. so then, after a few weeks from that event, he called me asking if i could give him more Reiki because soon after he would be going on a tour throughout Mexico and Southern California for three weeks. the day before he had practiced and played for 12 hours straight and had a lot of pain again. so i gave him over one hour of Reiki, focusing mostly on his right shoulder. i did his eyes, and other head positions and throat, knees and feet. at the end of the session, after the feet, i remembered he said he had pain in his right wrist. so i said, let's do some final Reiki on your right wrist. i placed my stronger Reiki hand on his wrist, specifically on top of his right hand at the wrist, and my left hand right below. what happened during that moment made tears come out of my eyes and from his eyes too. as i did Reiki his right wrist, suddenly, his right arm started shaking like crazy, on its own, an autonomous movement of shaking. he was smiling and laughing and we couldn't stop laughing, and at the same time we had tears in our eyes because the healing felt so profound, and we couldn't explain what was going on. his arm shook for a while. i asked him what he was feeling and he said he felt his arm was energized. i felt it as if it was actually releasing stuck energy. i stopped giving the Reiki only after his arm stopped shaking. it was awesome! i feel he was extremely focused on the healing, breathing deeply, and the outcome was overwhelmingly powerful. he also mentioned it was the day of healing, in the Mayan calendar, which he is aware of. i thought you'd like to hear this story. I love Reiki.


Here is a note from Laura (my Reiki student) Her daughter having been thru multiple miscarries…

Hi there Michael,

I wanted to let you know my daughter is doing much better, we have been doing Reiki every few days and she is holding strong! no cramping anymore, hurray! Also my dad, although having many challenges, went from having a high score on a blood test for prostate cancer in which the doctor said should just be let alone considering his age and health, to an average to below score from a new doctor he saw for a second opinion 4 weeks later. I don’t’ know what happened, but distance Reiki was used during that 4 week period from our class and when I got home. Iam sooo gratefull for Reiki, thank you for teaching me.. you changed my life for the better. See you soon, Laura.

Valentino Garcia had this to say: 8/25/13

"I have experienced Reiki with other groups that were ok. If I had to rate Master Santos in comparison, it wouldn't even be on the same field of comparison! His teachings and traditional discipline by far exceeds any other that I have experienced. From the moment one enters the House of Santos, one can just feel the welcoming "electricity" that surrounds this unbelievable place of knowledge. Master Santos is the Real Deal if you want to get into the healing arts. By far one of the most influential/ inspirational individuals I've met. Namaste. Love. Kindness. Forgiveness. "

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